Sandeep Bajaj

Sanddeep Bajaj is a proficient numerologist from Delhi. He was keen in this subject since his childhood and to gain cognizance he learned it from the famous numerologist Arvind Sud ji. He not only gained knowledge but also have good experience in numerology. He is able to predict future with details like birth date, day and time. He also offers solution to problems related to career, relationship, finance etc. He offers solutions for any type of problems related to io Love marriage, career counselling, Jobs, arrange marriage, health, wealth, studies (in the country or abroad), jobs (abroad or in the country), buying or selling properties, friendship, promotions in jobs, depression and positive & negative vibrations around an individual. Till date, Mr. Bajaj is working hard to get at the common people through all kinds of medium including the internet and mobile services, which are quite universal sources nowadays.