Vastu Therapy by Salt


Buy a small packet of salt every Friday and add it to your existing jar of salt. This salt ritual must be done every Friday for 27 weeks without a break and you will see and experience pleasant results. It is recommended that those who are in debts should perform it. The salt must be purchased only on a Friday, best after sunrise and before sunset. If you break the cycle, meaning you forgot to buy and add the salt on one Friday, you will have to restart the process all over again. The salt that is added to the jar every Friday should be used for daily cooking, washing, bathing, placed in the four corners of the room or house to remove negative energies etc. The accumulated salt must not be stored in the altar but kept in the kitchen. If you are traveling, you can nominate your spouse to do it on your behalf and if the entire family is traveling, you should carry the salt jar along so that you will not miss the Friday. Once you have completed the 27 weeks, you can start a second cycle as this therapy brings a lot of goodness and benefit to the person observing it.

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