Parad Panch Mukhi Ganesha (135 gm) Showpiece – 6.2 cm – (Energized – मंत्र द्वारा पवित्र/शुद्ध किया हुआ)


  • Material- Parad
  • Weight- 135 gm
  • Parad Panch Mukhi Ganesha
  • Panchamukhi Ganesha is shown having five faces. Panchmukhi Ganesha is embodiment of all potencies. The most relevant meaning of the five-headed Ganesh is certainly that these heads symbolize the five kosha in the subtile anatomy experienced. 1) Annamaya Kosha – This is the food sheath and corresponds roughly to the physical body. 2) Pranamaya Kosha – This is the vital energy and it represents the subtle body, nadis, chakras and kundalini. 3) Manomaya Kosha – This is the mental sheath which represents the mind and the organs of perception 4) Vijnanamaya Kosha– This is the wisdom sheath which represents vijnana, or intellect, the talent which discriminates, determines or wills. 5) Anandamaya Kosha – This is the cosmic bless sheath and represents the eternal center of consciousness. Thus, the fifth head of Ganesh symbolizes the highest level of yogic experience, called Anandamayakosha, or Sat-Chit-Ananda , the Pure Consciousness without qualification. Thus, this form of Lord Ganesha when kept in home/office , brings auspicious vibrations of spirituality, harmony and bliss. Panchmukhi Ganesha is quite popular in south India. Lord Ganesha has all the five elements under His control. Panchamukha Ganapati is very powerful in warding off the bad spirits and bad things happening without ones consciousness. Placing Panchamukhi Vinayaka or 5 faced Ganesha facing towards east, either in your home or office, would work wonders.

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Weight 135 g
Height 6.2 cm
Width 4 cm
Depth 1 cm
Sales Package 1 Showpiece Figurine
Water Resistant Yes


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