Hawan Samagri – हवन सामग्री – घी मिश्रित


  • Jyotish Yagishala
  • Color:Textured
  • Material:Wood
  • Inclusive of:Havan Samagri with Ghee Mix
  • Dimensions (LXBXH) in cms of each piece:NA
  • Other Features:This Is Best Home Made Samagri, Ready To Use.
  • 400 /- Per Kg.
  • Meant for small havans. This Havan Samagri is a combination of some rare medicinal and ayurvedic herbs, which when burnt in the Fire Sacrifice produce medicinal smoke which purifies subtle as well as gross materials when they come in contact with the same.  Apart from pleasing the predominating deities of the directions, it pleases the health as well.
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HawanSamagri is made of mainly four types of ingredients

1- KeetanuNasak ( Anti Bacterial )

2- Sugandhit ( Full of Fragrance )

3- SwasthyaVardhak ( Medicinal action Property )

4- Paushtik ( Healthy Nature )Baheda, Anwala, Bawachi, Nagarmotha, Guggal, TalishPatra, IndraJou, Nag Keshar, Deodar, LalChandanWood, JataMasi { Balchhad }, Agar Wood, Tagar Wood, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cardomom Green,KapoorKachari, Jara Kush, SugandhMantri, SugandhBala, SugandhKokila, Howber, TomadBeej, TejBalWood, Sandal Wood, Bach, Bay Leaves, Dry Eucalyptus leaves, DaruHaldi, DhawaiPhool, Copra, Chharila,Guruch, Kamal Gatta etc. are main ingrdients of HawanSamagri . In addition to above material Sweetmaterial { Sugar/ Gur/ Mishri }, Cow Ghee, dry fruits { Chhohara(Dry Dates), Kishmish, Chiroungi,Makhana, GariGola } , Rice, Jou( Barley), Kala Til are to added before use. In order to make it morecompatible & effective some quantity of Cloves, Nutmeg & Mace is also recommended. To avoide earlydammage due to eatable & sweet material we do not mix any dry fruits & sweet material duringproduction, all these material should be best mixed just before the use or you can prepare the completemixture for 1 or 2 week use. The Procedure of performing Yagya{ Hawan } is not very typical any one caneasily mannage it will be more easy if take guidance of any book of AryaSamaj you will also found VedMantras to be pronounced with Aahuties.


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