Under section 80G deduction is available to any tax payer (may be individual, company, firm or any other person) making donation to the company. 50% of the donation made is allowed to be deducted from the taxable income and consequently tax is calculated.

– अखिल भारतीय प्राच्य ज्योतिष शोध संस्थान

Akhil Bhartiya Prachya Jyotish Shodh Sansthan


PAN No. : AAATA5061D

Donate Under 80G (5) VI, क्र. आ.आ. / जय – II / आ.आ. (त. एवं न्या / 2011-12 /  1303  दिनांक 10-01-2012 )

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