White Glass Crystal Shivlinga – (Energized – मंत्र द्वारा पवित्र/शुद्ध किया हुआ)


  • Color : White
  • Material : Glass
  • Dimensions (LXBXH) in cms of each piece: : 5X5X15
  • Rare Silver Sphatik Shivling for Perfect Environment and overall success at Home. It gives power, prosperity and harmony.
  • Shivlinga Is Said To Impart Fame And Prosperity As Per Linga Puranau. This Beautiful Crystal Shivling With His Sheshnaag Is Perfect To Gift Someone. You Can Not Only Place This Idol In Your Puja Room But You Can Also Place It In Your Living Room Or Showcase.
  • Daily Puja: This Shivling can be placed at the Alter. Shivling should face the North Direction. The snake should face the person performing Puja. Shivlingam should not be placed in such a way that anybody crosses it from the front. The Lingam is to be taken carefully in hands and Bathed. After wiping it with clean cloth Pure Herbal perfume is to be applied followed by saffron sandalwood paste. The Lingam can be than put on the Jalhari. The pure incense is to be offered along with some dry fruits and sugar candy. Sphatik is a white shiny and transparent stone also called Quartz Stone.

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Sphatik Shivling

Sphatik shivling crystal is the purest and most promising gem in the world. Any statue which is made of Sphatik does not need “pran pratishtha” before worshipping. The sphatik that is made up of shivling is considered as the best. Exalting sphatik shivling is believed to have the same manner as worshipping the Jyotirlings. It is important because it brings prosperity, happiness and satisfaction to the house where it was worshipped.Based on the legend; according to Shiv Purana, lord Shiva is have to be open himself to his true devotees in the form of jyoti or light also known as jyotirling. The crystal sphatik shivling symbolizes radiant white light energy. The Hindu also believed that the lord shiva and Goddess parvati reside in this stone that is why it is considered as powerful and sacred. Therefore, the statues are built after furnishing the sphatik shivling, there is no need to create extra beautification because its main purpose is to be worshipped.

Sphatik shivling is a powerful source of light and energy, which can be used against negativity. The crystals come from different sizes, so you can choose other wearing it or just carry it out. It can also be used in cleaning the mood of greater area. It can also be used as a healing charm in the body; as a tranquilizer and transformer for the spirit. It can also guide as from darkness and will lead us into the right path. When the crystal is laid on the body, it will produce a positive energy.

Crystal Sphatik shivling harmonize the atmosphere around us and will diminish the negative force. Therefore, if we place the crystal in our home, office or wearing it, you will be blessed by the Lord Shiva and will bring positive energy into your life. It was already proved that using this crystal will replace all the negative energy and will get positive power and abundance of blessings. You should touch the crystal shivling in the morning so that you can see a positive effect after some time. By believing sphatik shivling, you will find success in your life.


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