Silver Tortoise Genuine Navratana (Kachchua Ring)


This Navratna tortoise ring made by 925 sterling silver. About Navratna : Navratna is a Sanskrit compound word meaning “nine gems “. Jewelry created in this style has important cultural significance in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. This cultured Navratna ring made by 925 sterling silver and cultured stones. The traditional setting and arrangement of these nine gems is shown in the illustration. A ruby (representing the Sun) is always in the center, surrounded (clockwise from the top) by a diamond, a natural pearl, red coral, hessonite, a blue sapphire, cat’s eye, a yellow sapphire, and an emerald. This is the same placement as the Nava-graha Yantra. Conception of Tortoise : The turtle as a symbol of good luck representing order, creation, endurance, strength, stability, longevity (average life span 100 yrs) and a gentle innocence.They represent the wisdom of the ancient ones and are highly respected for their strength and individuality.They are said to offer protection,(it has a sturdy shell into which it can retreats for its own protection)good fortune and have the power to bring happiness and good omens.
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Unique Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring How to wear Turtle shaped Finger Ring and its Symbolism

Tortoise shaped finger rings are seen adorning the beautiful fingers lately in many types of colored stones and metals. With animals coming in as latest trends and many celebrities wearing animal prints in fashion wear the jewelry section too  boasts of some animal shapes. Tortoise, turtle the symbol for goodluck and prosperity in feng shui has become so loved that people, men are wearing metal and gemstone finger rings of turtles for attracting luck.

The shape of the turtle represents the earth and the heaven. The hard  shell shape of heaven and the lower part of earth. As the turtle loves it represents the movement in the universe the heavens and the earth. There are immense symbolic history of the turtle and over the years they have become symbols of longetivity and wisdom.

The turtle symbolizes wealth coming in gradually and persistently. Longetivity and  protection. With the story of the hare and the tortoise and the intelligent tortoise winning by its slow persistent hard efforts the turtle has come to be known as a good luck symbol and a prosperity icon. Wearing a turtle shaped jewellery for water lovers it is a symbol bringing them close to their passion for water life.

In feng shui the tortoise with its many eye shaped hexagonal shapes and hard shell represents strength and adjustment to all situations.  Not only do people display turtles it the entrance but now they have begun to wear them.

While wearing turtles and tortoise shaped jewelry, especially finger ring one must keep in mind some of the energy and symbolic aspects of the shape of turtle. As the tortoise is in fact a very slow animal we do not want wealth to gradually wane away from our lives, which may happen when worn coming towards the body.  When wearing the finger rings the tortoise should be worn moving away from the body.Gemstone turtles look very pretty and cool and sure are a matter of discussion and attention among any group. You surely can’t miss a large sized pink rose quartz or a green jade turtle on a finger. Even to greater fashion heights another one with lovely colored gemstones can look more attractive and unique. Pearls, silver, gold and different metals the turtle shape jewelery  comes in many forms be it finger rings, pendants , earrings or even exclusive neck pieces.

A turtle sculpture or artifact of soil or acrylic or stone must be placed in the north east , centre or south west and a metal tortoise is vet in the north and north west. A family turtle is a great symbol to attract love and harmony in family.  Crystals and gemstone turtles can be placed in the  south west and wood ones can be placed in the east.

Finger rings are the best symbols of completion and most powerful symbols in the universe. The whole circle represents immense powers and in itself the ring is a symbolic representation of good luck and strength. Develops intuitive qualities and good for businesses and creative people.

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