Rose Quartz Crystal Angel – (Energized – मंत्र द्वारा पवित्र/शुद्ध किया हुआ)


  • Color : Pink
  • Material : Marble
  • Inclusive of : 1 Angel Pari
  • Dimensions (LXBXH) in cms of each piece : 1.5x1x2.5

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They Are Perfect To Use In Any Healing Session Or In Your Meditations. The Shape Makes Them Convenient To Put On A Person During A Session And They Are Small And Flat To Be Able To Fit Into Your Pocket Or Crystal Pouch. Rose Quartz Is The Stone Of Unconditional Love. One Of The Most Important Stones For Heart Chakra Work, Rose Quartz Opens The Heart To All Types Of Love – Love Of Self, Love Of Family, Love Of Friends, Romantic Love. Because It Is Quartz, Rose Quartz Does Have A High Energy, But Its Vibe Is Also Calming And Soothing. Rose Quartz Raises Self-esteem, Eases Guilt And Balances Emotions, Lowering Stress And Bringing Peace. Use Rose Quartz To Enhance Positive Self-affirmations. It Is A Great Crystal For Increasing Creativity And The Imagination And, As Such, Is A Helpful Tool For Writers, Musicians And Artists. Known As A Romance Stone, Rose Quartz Can Be Used To Attract Love. Put A Piece Of Rose Quartz By Your Bedside Table, Or In The Relationship Corner Of A Room Or Home To Attract New Love Or To Add Trust And Re-commitment To Existing Relationships. Rose Quartz Adds Loving Energy To Relationships, Bringing Calm And Peace. The Comforting And Soothing Energy Of Rose Quartz Can Also Help Heal A Broken Heart, Allowing Release Of Pent-up Emotions And Grief. Rose Quartz Also Helps Release Unexpressed Feelings About Others. Physically, Rose Quartz Helps Bring About A More Youthful Complexion; Aides In Circulatory, Heart, Adrenal Gland, Spleen And Kidney Ailments; Alleviates Vertigo, Asthma And Varicose Veins.


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