Parad Mala 108+1 beads for Japa and Unisex Wearing Silk Dori Necklace – (Energized – मंत्र द्वारा पवित्र/शुद्ध किया हुआ)


  • Worship on Parad Rosary is capable of giving instant Luck, wealth, position, name and fame.
  • The presence of Mercury beads around the neck is itself a complete life. At home it blesses with unity and harmony in the family and guides its devotees to spiritual path.
  • It is also written in various purana’s that by worship on Parad Mala regularly , Goddess Laxmi remains alway’s in a house .
  • If one does the prayer of Pardeshwar with the chant of Mahamritunjaya mantra and also does its Abhishek with milk and ghee then all kinds of malicious diseases are removed.
  • If Parad Mala is covered with layer of white sandal and karpur and then wear , then all the anishta and unfavorable grahdosh go away and the person stays mentally healthy.
  • Both Yajurveda and Atharveda glorify the auspicious nature of parad.India is known to have produce famous scientist like Chandrasen, Mandavya, Rattankosh and Nagarjuna.
  • Parad works on the Sahasrara Chakra. Parad enhances the association with Lord Shiva and benefits in meditation and spiritual routine. Brings peace, contentment, concentration, dhyana and supports in Samadhi. Siddh Parad when prepared as per ancient knowledge of Parad Bandhan contains miraculous properties of healing and protection. Parad Bead (Siddh Gutika) are Complete with 8 Samkaras: Complete with 8 Samskaras i.e. 8 stages of Purification are completed as per Parad Sanmhita and a thorough medicated and hygienic removal of Saptakanchuki is done. The Siddha Parad (Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) is formed to make Murthi – Badhha/Agnibadha (heat sustaining) Parad Gutika. The Gutika gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which removes all diseases from the body.

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Pearl Color Silver
Silver Weight NA g
Diamond Weight NA carat
Diamond Shape NA
Diamond Color Grade NA
Diamond Clarity NA
Chain/Necklace Length 29.1 inch
Width 5 mm
Depth 5 mm
Gold Purity NA K
Base Material Silk Dori
Gemstone NA
Plating NA
Chain Type Simple


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