Hanuman Ji Chalisa Pandent with Sampurna Hanuman Ji Ki Chalisa – (Energized – मंत्र द्वारा पवित्र/शुद्ध किया हुआ)


Original gold face hanuman yantra hanuman chalisa yantra at wholesale rate.
The pendent is of great spiritual importance and is great to worn by all. The product is crafted with the sole aim of keeping the the pendent close to your heart and letting you remember the prayer anytime. The yantra is very well conceived and accepted by the people all over the world. Keeping the pendent always close to your heart enables you to seek hanumanjiâs blessing in everything you do. Unique features of the Pendant include: Beautiful Hanumanjiâs pendant made with shiny mix of alloys Easy to read Hanuman Mantra in the Pendant Clearly enounced Panch Mukhi Hanumanjiâs picture Hanuman Yantra engraved on the back. How to view prayer in hanuman chalisa pendent? To view hanuman Mantra in the pendent use the small glass lens that ahs been set above Hanumanjiâs tilak. Locate it and hold the pendent close to your you eyes facing a good source of light. If Yantra is still not clear then adjust the distance between the pendent and your eyes till you get the better view.

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  • Brand : jyotishyagishala
  • Color : Glossy
  • Material : Brass
  • Inclusive of : 1 Pcs
  • Hanuman Chalisa, as the name suggests, is a collection of 40 quatrains narrating the grandeur of Shri Hanuman. The compassionate God is known to be benevolent to one and all worshipping him or His Lord, Rama. His name itself is an impenetrable barrier for all evil. He protects and provides to all who take His name with purest of intentions.

  • Hanuman Chalisa is not just a poetic description of Shri Hanuman’s glory, but is considered to be the most powerful verses on earth, which can clear any obstacle in the path of His followers. Even the Gods seek His blessings owing to his limitless knowledge, absolute devotion, and incomparable strength. Recitation of various quatrains are said to create an effect which can sanctify the surroundings and clear all obstructions created by demon forces.


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